Figaro Olive Oil


  • 1) olive:

    When mature the olives are hand-picked between the end of November and the end of February

  • 2) mill:

    Once washed the olives are taken into the mill where they are crushed and made into a paste.

  • 3) baskets:

    Here, the paste spread and then placed into the press.

  • 4) press:

    Where the paste yields oil and vegetable water.

  • 5) centrifugation:

    The mixture is passed through a rapid centrifuge system in order to seperate the Virgin Olive Oil from the vegetable water.

  • 7) Extra virgin olive oil:

    This is an olive oil with a taste, smell and colour which is perfect and the maximum acidity cannot be greater than 1°

  • 6) Virgin olive oil:

  • 8) Olive oil:

    By mixing refined olive oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the product classified as olive oil is obtained with a pleasant aroma, a smoother taste and a golden colour.

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